Yeovil Beer FestivalYeovil Beer Festival

Our Beers 2018

On this page you will find all 87 beers so far confirmed for the 2018 YBF!

Root Thirteen 3.6%Shepherd's Delight 3.6%Blackwater Mild 3.7%Altons Pride 3.8%Bawden Rocks 3.8%Copper Ale 3.8%Hopkandi 3.8%Moonlite 3.8%Sheep Dip 3.8%Shopping For Hops 3.8%Tom Long 3.8%WTF 3.8%Freebird 3.9%Styrian Cardinal 3.9%Yorkshire Ale 3.9%Innspiration 4%Star Gazer 4%Fully Fitted Freight 4.0%Gold 4.0%Hair of The Dog APA 4.0%O.P.A. 4.0%Original 4.0%Pillbox 4.0%Toujours 4.0%High Duck 4.1%Session Pale 4.1%Summerset 4.1%Apache Rose Peacock 4.2%Blonde 4.2%Conscript 4.2%Double Hopped Pale Ale 4.2%Hop 212 4.2%Large One 4.2%Now in a Minute 4.2%Saddle Sore 4.2%Yakima Gold 4.2%YOLO#5 4.2%Kellerbier 4.3%Lynx Wildcat 4.3%Stout Hearted 4.3%Taiheke 4.3%Black & Tan 4.4%Golden Fleece 4.4%Premium 4.4%Rusty Lane 4.4%Brad's Coffee Stout 4.5%Bramber 4.5%Carribbean Cocktail 4.5%Ekuanot 4.5%Golden IPA 4.5%Golden Moonshine 4.5%Magnum Mild 4.5%Old Barn 4.5%Ruby 4.5%Shagweaver 4.5%Shefford Pale Ale 4.5%Spring Forward 4.5%Spun Gold 4.5%Stouty McStoutFace 4.5%The Long & Waimea Road 4.5%Yeo Ho Ho! 4.5%Cheer Up 4.6%Dont Tell Them Your Name Pyke 4.6%Gaucho 4.6%Spangle 4.6%Amish Mash 4.7%Leggless Jester 4.7%Moscade 4.7%Bark Like a Bird 4.8%Corner Stone 4.8%Red River Rye 4.8%Ruby Porter 4.8%Amarillo 5.0%Hung Drawn N' Portered 5.0%Resolution IPA 5.0%Sheriff Fatman 5.0%Haka 5.2%JSB 5.2%Tripod 5.2%POSH IPA 5.4%Yarrowhawk 5.5%Dog on The Roof 6.0%Night Train 6.0%Alfie's Revenge 6.5%Black Jesus 6.5%YPA (Yeovil Pale Ale) 7.3%Yakima IPA 7.4%

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