Yeovil Beer FestivalYeovil Beer Festival

Our Beers 2013

On this page you will find all of the beers that were available at the 2013 YBF ... click here for 2019!

Beach Blonde 3.7%Jimmy Riddle 3.7%Bitter Bully 3.8%Glory 3.8%Hoptical Delusion 3.8%Pressed Rat & Warthog 3.8%The Wife's Bitter 3.9%Bristol Best 4%First Gold 4%Funky Monkey 4%Gold Spice 4%Star Gazer 4%Fossil Fuel 4.1%Summerset 4.1%Bellringer 4.2%Huna Red 4.2%Large One 4.2%Potholer 4.2%Lynx Wildcat 4.3%Stout Hearted 4.3%Brewer's Bee 4.4%Golden Hare 4.4%The Usual 4.4%Bitter Californian 4.5%Milk Stout 4.5%Ruby 4.5%Spring Forward 4.5%Studland Bay Wrecked 4.5%Resurrection 4.6%Gunner Boyce 4.8%Hedgemonkey 4.8%Inncognito 4.8%Little Willie 4.9%Black Smock 5%Rock Lobster 5%Tangle Foot 5%Thriller 5%Rare Hare 5.2%Resolution IPA 5.3%POSH IPA 5.4%Yakima Valley IPA 7%