Yeovil Beer FestivalYeovil Beer Festival

Our Beers 2016

On this page you will find all of the beers that were available at the 2016 YBF ... click here for 2019!

Sundowner 3.4%Plateau 3.5%York Street 3.5%Bedrock 3.6%Glory 3.8%Hophead 3.8%Knight of the Garter 3.8%No 7 3.8%NW3 3.8%Pressed Rat & Warthog 3.8%Renaissance Ruby Mild 3.8%Sheep Dip 3.8%Dorset Knob 3.9%Same Again 3.9%Sandbanks Bitter 3.9%Funky Monkey 4%Gold Spice 4%Skylarking IPA 4%Star Gazer 4%Deer Stalker 4.0%Foundry Man's Gold 4.0%Remedy 4.0%Windsor Knot 4.0%East India Pale Ale 4.1%Fossil Fuel 4.1%Kennet Valley 4.1%N1 4.1%Summerset 4.1%Blonde 4.2%Flint Knapper 4.2%Hop 129 4.2%Inntrigue 4.2%Jurassic 4.2%Little Wind 4.2%Moondance 4.2%Posh Pooch 4.2%Tremendous Delicious 4.2%Dorset Pearl 4.3%Lynx Wildcat 4.3%Stout Hearted 4.3%Citra Sonic 4.4%No 5 4.4%NZ Pale 4.4%Waimea 4.4%Citra! 4.5%Fatal Flaw 4.5%Foundry Torpedo 4.5%Free State 4.5%Hopspur 4.5%Kohinoor 4.5%Oyster Stout 4.5%Porter 4.5%Ruby 4.5%Spring Forward 4.5%Studland Bay Wrecked 4.5%Town Mill Best 4.5%Amarillo 4.6%Golden Grains 4.6%Red Velvet 4.6%Spring Equinox 4.6%Urban Dusk 4.6%APA 4.7%Leggless Jester 4.7%Gulp 4.8%Inncognito 4.8%IPA 4.8%Red Bus 4.8%Red Spider 4.8%Anastasia's Exile Stout 5.0%Chalk Stream 5.0%Goldfffinger 5.0%Holy Mole 5.0%Kentish Reserve 5.0%No 3 5.0%N7 5.2%POSH IPA 5.4%Hop Dog 5.5%Aurora 5.6%Uprising Treason 5.8%Night Train 6.0%Battle Axe 6.3%Sandbanks Extra Reserve 6.6%