Yeovil Beer FestivalYeovil Beer Festival

Beers from Yeovil Ales at the 2019 YBF

Award winning brewers of finely balanced awesome beers for enthusiasts.

Location : Somerset

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ABV 3.8% Golden Ale

Golden in colour, Hopkandi has been brewed using Comet and Godiva whole hops to give a well-balanced fruity citrus flavour with a moreish finish.

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Star Gazer

ABV 4.0% Best Bitter

Star Gazer is a copper speciality bitter with a late hopping floral bouquet, it is rich & hoppy yet sweet & luscious at the same time!

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ABV 4.1% Golden Ale

Summerset is a blonde ale with light rounded mouth feel and a tangerine fruity hop finish.

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ABV 4.2% Golden Ale

Brewed with 100% British hops, Harlequin is a pale beer jam-packed with tropical aroma. The fruity, citrus
flavour is balanced by a long dry finish.

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Hop 227

ABV 4.2% Golden Ale

Brewed with Charles Faram's selected British experimental varieties, Hop 227 is a pale ale with a sweet lemon and mango aroma, followed by a crisp, zesty finish.

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ABV 4.3% Speciality

Unfined. Brewed using Europils and Dextrin malts, Kellerbier is a full-bodied smooth golden cellar beer, lagered for over 30 days for a crisp fruity flavour.

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Lynx Wildcat

ABV 4.3% Best Bitter

Lynx Wildcat is a bronze full bodied hoppy bitter. Specialist malts provide a sweetness which is accompanied by grapefruity hop flavours and aromas.

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Stout Hearted

ABV 4.3% Porter/Stout/Mild

Stout Hearted is a smooth, dark beer bursting with full bodied rich roast flavours. The maltiness is balanced by our late hopping style, achieving a truly special stout.

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ABV 4.5% Premium Bitter

RUBY is a premium red bitter with rich malt depth. The smooth palate is pronounced by English hops giving the trademark Yeovil Ales aromatic signature.

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Spring Forward

ABV 4.5% Premium Bitter

Spring Forward is a full-bodied premium bitter with a fresh aroma & distinctive hop zing.

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Latte Stout

ABV 5.0% Porter/Stout/Mild

A luxurious, smooth, delicately sweet coffee milk stout, bursting with a rich roasted coffee aroma. The award-winning Firehouse blend by Sherborne based Read's Coffee, with its rich, chocolate flavours and low bitterness is balanced perfectly by milk sugars adding mouthfeel and creaminess.

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ABV 5.4% India Pale Ale

POSH IPA is a genuine gourmet India Pale Ale of uncompromising quality. Pale with body and mouth feel it's strength is balanced by a truly fruity late-hopped finish.

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Night Train

ABV 6.0% Porter/Stout/Mild

A dark rich strong porter, perfect for those cold winter nights. A combination of 5 Roasted malts makes this a beer to savour, but its not all malt as the copious amount of late hops lift the body of the beer.

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Yeovil Pale Ale

ABV 7.3% India Pale Ale

YPA - Yeovil Pale Ale - is a smooth, fruity taste sensation. The notes of citrus fruit and sweeter peaches and apricots are provided by a well-crafted blend of pale malts and aromatic hops.

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