Yeovil Beer FestivalYeovil Beer Festival

Beers from Gyle 59 at the 2018 YBF

Natural (Unfined)

We do not add Isinglass finings to our beers. This means that often the beer will appear hazy or cloudy. This is intentional as we wish to keep all the flavour and goodness in the beer. We believe this is more important than being able to see through the beer.

As we do not use Isinglass, which is made from the swim bladders of fish, our beers are suitable for anyone to enjoy whether omnivorous, vegetarian or vegan.

The Beer

All our beers are created with one thing in mind - flavour. We are lucky enough to have a unique supply of spring water which we are using to good effect allowing the many different qualities of our ingredients to shine through.

Location : Sadborrow, Dorset

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ABV 4.0% Speciality

Unfined - naturally hazy. An English Saison. Earthy, fruity and peppery with spicy Belgian yeast flavours.

Barrel Sponsor - Porter Dodson

Brad's Coffee Stout

ABV 4.5% Porter/Stout/Mild

Unfined - naturally hazy. A collaboration with Finca, a specialist coffee roaster and cafe in Dorchester. Rich dark malts and roasted coffee.

Barrel Sponsor - West Country Cars

Carribbean Cocktail

ABV 4.5% Speciality

Unfined - naturally hazy. Wheat meets hops. A fusion of smooth wheat spiciness and tropical fruit flavours from Olicana, Topaz, Centennial and Rakau hops.

Barrel Sponsor - Lufton Park Estates