Yeovil Beer FestivalYeovil Beer Festival

Beers from Muirhouse Brewery at the 2018 YBF

The Muirhouse brewery name comes from the fact it was originally brewed in my house with my last name being Muir. Hence the name Muirhouse was born although this was originally on all the beer I brewed for myself. As you can see from some of the pump clips we have we have used the Scottish theme using the Muir clan tartan on the clips and shaped like a thistle. Unlike other breweries there is only one brewer and delivery driver and general dogsbody its me!!! If it wasn’t for the assistance of my wife and family then I would never cope.

Location : Derbyshire

Website :

Shopping For Hops

ABV 3.8% Golden Ale

Pale session beer with a citrus bitterness.

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Fully Fitted Freight

ABV 4.0% Best Bitter

Amber bitter with a rounded bitter finish.

Barrel Sponsor - 1st UK Commercial

Magnum Mild

ABV 4.5% Porter/Stout/Mild

Dark strong flavoursome multi award winning mild.

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Dont Tell Them Your Name Pyke

ABV 4.6% Premium Bitter

American brown ale single hopped with cascade blended with the biscuity flavour from the Munich malt.

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