Yeovil Beer FestivalYeovil Beer Festival

Ciders from Bridge Farm Cider at the 2018 YBF

Award winning cider for more than twenty years, made using fruit harvested from our own orchards and other traditional orchards, all within a twenty mile radius. The apples are pressed using traditional rack and cloth methods with a hydraulic press dating from the early nineteen hundreds.

Location : Somerset

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Stembridge Cluster

ABV 6.0% Medium/Dry

A traditional English bittersweet single varietal cider.

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Chilli Cider

ABV 6.5% Speciality

Did you know that chilli heat is tested using the Scoville Heat Unit system? Nigel Stewart created Mr Scovilleís favorite tipple by adding Upton Cheyney Chilli Farmís jalapenos (and a hefty kick of heat!) to his medium-dry cider.

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ABV 6.5% Medium/Dry

This is a traditional, medium (but still dry-ish) farmhouse cider, given a little more age to allow itís flavours to fully develop and strengthen. The proper stuff!

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Perries from Bridge Farm Cider at the 2018 YBF

Pear Cider

ABV 5.5%

At Bridge Farm we have long admired the elegance of traditional Perry and decided that we would rise to the challenge, as we do enjoy a good challenge at The Farm! We sourced the finest locally grown Pears, fought with the wasps and managed, we feel, to make this refreshing , delicate cider full of summer sunshine.

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